September 17, 2014

Brands That Never Lose Their Cool

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There are some brands that never lose their cool factor. The style of the clothing may change, but the name on the label always signifies quality and style.


Everyone in the world wants a pair of Levis jeans. In the 1980′s they were hard to come by in Europe, and an American tourist could sell his old pairs quickly and easily. Today, the hottest jean label in the world is sold in just about every country.


Whether it in the realm of great athletics or street fashion, Nike is a worldwide household name. Every teenager wants a pair. Michael Jordan launched a fashion phenomenon when he endorsed the shoe company.


Everybody loves a cowboy, and the famous hat maker is the king of lids in the fashion industry. The ubiquitous cowboy hat has to have the Stetson label to be a real quality product. If you own one, you are telling the world that you are rugged and independent and strong.


The great designer is fashion industry royalty. His name is on everything from eye glasses to slacks, and to own an Armani product is to say that bargain shopping is a foreign concept. Only the most discerning shopper wears Armani.


Accessories are a huge part of the fashion industry, and nobody does them better than Gucci. The price of a purse is staggering to the average consumer, but a die-hard fashionista will save her cash and buy at least one Gucci in her lifetime.

What all the coolest brands have in common is quality. To keep their eternal cool, they make sure that the consumer is getting what he or she paid for and more.


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Resale Shops Make Bargain Shopping Fun

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If you like to shop, but the economy is keeping you away from your favorite stores, you can have a great time looking for clothing from the top brands at resale shops.

Go Retro

One of the most reliable things about the fashion industry is that styles reincarnate. What was cool in the 1970s finds its way into the 21st Century. Depending on your style, you will probably find something in a resale shop that will fit with today’s trends. Sometimes it’s something new from today’s fashions.

If it’s a high-end resale shop, you will find clothing that has only been worn a few times and then donated to a second-hand shop. The quality of the product is very high and the price is a bargain.

Buy, Sell and Trade Your Clothing

There are plenty of resale shops that will not only sell you cool clothing, but they’ll also allow you to sell or trade you clothes. This is a fun way to bargain shop. You can save even more money as you build store credit on top brands that include designer labels.

Many of the resale shops that purchase clothing will only buy your designer labels. They’ll allow you to give the rest, but it’s the hard to find clothing they will buy. The higher the quality and the more rare the piece, the more valuable it is to the store.

Check out the part of town where the hipsters shop, and follow them into the many bargain shopping stores. You’ll find limitless access to cool brands and fashions.



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The Best Clothing for a Heatwave

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The summers are getting hotter. Parts of the world that are historically cooler in the summer months are experiencing record temperatures, and even heatwaves. A heatwave is defined as three or more consecutive days where the temperature is above 95 degrees. It helps to know which clothing is best to wear if you live in one of these hot pockets of the earth.

Long Sleeves on a Sunny Day?

We all know the Middle East is super hot. We also see that the people who live there keep their bodies sheltered from the sun. That’s very important. Long-sleeve, loose-fitting clothing is a must to protect the skin from damage. Make sure the clothes are made of a breathable material. Many outdoor clothing shops carry brands that are fashionable and practical.

Wide-Brim Hat

If you’re going to be in the sun and heat for any amount of time, wear a wide-brim hat. Keep the heat from your face, neck and shoulders. Sure. You’re head is going to sweat like crazy, so find some shade, take the hat off, and give your noggin a little breeze. Hats are a big part of the fashion industry, so you should have no problem finding one that looks good and does its job.

Materials That Wick and Breathe

Outdoor clothing is becoming much more fashionable, so hit your favorite outdoors and sporting goods store and do some shopping. Look for materials that wick sweat and allow your body to breath. Some top brands that offer fashion designs and practical qualities are Columbia, The North Face, and Royal Robin.

If you prefer bargain shopping, many of the sporting goods stores have house brands that look and do just as good as the big name brands.

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Where to Find Bargain Clothes

Eastlake Garage Sales

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Are you on the never-ending search for a bargain on clothes? Or are you just trying to save some dollars in tough economic times? Here are some ideas on where to find bargain clothes.


The Internet is a treasure trove of bargain clothes. You just have to search for them! If you know what brand or retail outlet you want, you can search on their sites directly. Alternatively, some sites are springing up with consumer deals such as Such sites have a large range of items and discounts from a variety of stores. This is convenient as you don’t have to visit a bunch of different websites.

Yard Sales

Every weekend, hundreds of people lay their possessions out on their lawns and driveways for all the world to inspect. There are plenty of deals as these people are wanting to eliminate this stuff from their lives. Best of all, there are always plenty of clothes to find at yard sales that are selling for dirt cheap prices. Check your local paper for yard sales in your area. You never know what you may find.

Thrift Stores

Thrift stores have always been a great place for finding bargain clothing. With the vintage look always in fashion, it is a great way to add a bit of retro style to your wardrobe without breaking the bank. Some stores have caught on to the craze and have separate sections for funky and retro clothes.

These are just some of the places where you can find bargain clothes.

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